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This site is designed to help you in your choice of career.
Using tests developed by our psychologists and human resources specialists, we provide you with the finest advice to help you choose your career.

Our assessments are not toys.
Unlike many tests found on the web, the whichCAREER.com assessments are used every day, in many countries, to provide Careers and Vocational Guidance. They are also used to assess candidates to educational institutions and for corporate recruitment and team building.

Many people are not happy at work even though they possess the right qualifications and skills. They do not really want to be doing what they are doing or they do not have the "right" personality for the job or organizational "culture".

Your whichCAREER.com report helps you pinpoint the type of work for which you are most suited, taking into account your personality and the things you like doing. The report also indicates the extent to which your choices are crystalised in your own mind and measures your determination to train for these careers.

Three assessments are currently available on this site.
Please feel free to look at some sample reports:
 The first is an example of a Personality Profile; the second shows sample results of a Careers Guidance Profile (combined personality and occupational profiles); and the third shows sample results of a Full Profile (personality, careers guidance and intelligence profiles). 
For further information visit our General Information Page.

The price for processing the Personality Profile is $29 (takes about 7-8 minutes to complete, and is extremely thorough), the Careers Guidance Profile is $39 (12-14 minutes), and the Full Profile is $49 (45 minutes).
Your report is displayed on your screen a short time after you complete the questionnaires.

Start your assessment by pressing one of the buttons below. Note that the entire assessment is carried out on our secure server.

If you have any queries or comments relating to the assessments or to the site, please and we will answer you as soon as possible. For more information about us, please refer to our company home page.

Of course, there are other methods for matching people and professions . . . .

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[This page was last updated on November 4, 2003.]