Affiliate Agreement

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The following rules and conditions will govern this agreement:

  1. The term "Affiliate" shall refer to the site on which an advertisement or recommendation to whichCAREER.com appears.
  2. The laws of New York State will govern this agreement.
  3. whichCAREER.com will pay you, (the "affiliate"), a commission of twenty-five percent (25%) in US dollars (USD) from sales through your affiliate links.
  4. We will make commission payments to you on a monthly basis based on the preceding month's earnings. Checks will be mailed to all affiliates in the month following for which commissions are earned. Commissions will be credited to affiliates only when the payment for the sale is cleared. If the buyer requests a refund at a later time, the original commission credited will be deducted. Commissions are calculated on the retail price paid.
  5. Commission payments will be made when they are equal to or greater than one hundred dollars ($100). In the event that the commision owing to the affiliate will be less then this, the commission will be held over intil the following month.
  6. This agreement is purely for giving a commission on sales effected through referrals by the affiliate's Website. The term, "affiliate", does not imply any formal association for affiliateship or agency with whichCAREER.com.
  7. whichCAREER.com will not be responsible for any technical failure that may result in the user's clicks or sales going unregistered. Although we will take reasonable steps to ensure that all legitimate sales are recorded and commissions paid.
  8. Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time. Notice is to be given by email.
  9. whichCAREER.com will not accept responsibility for clearing affiliate's checks at their financial institutions or any fees involved.
  10. whichCAREER.com will comply with New York State tax law, which may require the withholding of a percentage of the commission and remittance to the New York State Tax office.
  11. whichCAREER.com reserves the right to terminate any affiliate without notice for sending any unsolicited email (SPAM) or for misrepresenting the product or bringing whichCAREER.com or this affiliate program into disrepute. If an affiliate is terminated for such reason, any and all commissions unpaid will be forfeited by affiliate and we will have the right to seek monetary damages from the affiliate.
  12. Affiliates agree and accept that email shall be sent to them by whichCAREER.com in the form of newsletters and updates. Affiliates can opt out by request.
  13. whichCAREER.com reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement and any such altered terms are deemed to be in effect 7 days after posting. Affiliates will be notified by email of any major changes.
  14. whichCAREER.com reserves the right to delete affiliate registrations at any time where internet or other fraud is suspected.
  15. The affiliate agrees not to use any predatory advertising methods in the promotion of products, services or affiliate program. Predatory advertising is defined as any method that creates or changes links or banners on web sites without the expressed permission of that web site owner. Participation in predatory advertising programs will be cause for the affiliate's immediate termination.
  16. Wholesale sales are excluded, but a special introducers bonus may be paid.

These sponsored links arrive via 3rd party feeds. We have no control over their content.
If they interest you, please feel free to click and see -- your interest in these advertisements covers our site expenses.

I have read and agree with the terms and conditions as presented above.

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