Sample Careers Guidance Profile

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Careers Guidance Report
Private and Confidential

30th November, 2001      

Mr Simon Pearson

The following assessment has been produced by whichCAREER.com. It uses a combination of validated psychometric measures and has been written to assist you in your choice of career and occupation.

You should find that this report is a valuable aid, as are all psychometric measures, when used in conjunction with other sources of data. It is not intended to be used in isolation. One of its greatest benefits is to pinpoint areas of strengths which you should follow up.

The report is divided into three sections. The first is a personality profile, summarising your personality in relation to the workplace. The second section is a summary of your occupational preferences, based on your reported interests. Finally, the report makes recommendations on the fields of endeavour that you should investigate. These should be pursued at the levels indicated in the career preferences section of the report.

The report shows remarkable accuracy if the questionnaires have been answered honestly. Even if one or two errors have occurred, the measures have been designed to minimise their effect. The report however will be invalid if there has been a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Good luck with your career!


You are an influential and persuasive leader with a logical and systematic approach. You are a good communicator, able to draw out others' opinions and to bring them around to your way of thinking.

You pay attention to details, rely on facts and need things to be correct. Others may view you as somewhat of a perfectionist.

You may vacillate when taking a decision, only finally deciding when you are absolutely convinced that the decision you are taking is the correct one. You need time to test and retest.

You are open to change and you are willing to accept direction. You like to please. Being outgoing, you want to get on a "first name basis" as quickly as possible with new acquaintances.

You are strongest in specialist or technical roles. When your goals are clear, you are a self starter, and you generally tackle projects and tasks, once you understand them, with enthusiasm.

You probably avoid making unpopular or harsh decisions, and you generally take an indirect approach when directing others.

You need to feel both accepted by the group and to have some influence over it. You want social recognition, but you also want others to recognise your special skills or expertise. You are motivated by money, both for its status and for spending in your social sphere. Your drive to achieve is coupled with a drive to avoid error. You require variety in the people you meet and in your activities, both at work and socially.


Your aspirations are high. You are interested in preparing yourself for occupations that require post-secondary or academic education, but you would be willing to settle for a lower level of training.

Your first preference is to work in occupations connected with science. Your second preference is to work in occupations connected with the organization of material. In addition, you are interested in working in occupations with a technological orientation


You work best and are motivated by situations which allow you to have power, authority, freedom and recognition for the work that you are doing. You want to do things in a systematic, logical manner. Security and clear objectives are important to you.

Your choice of occupation or field of interest is only partially crystalised, and it is likely that you will still find it somewhat difficult to work towards completing the necessary training in order to realize your aspirations.

In view of the above we suggest that you concentrate on the following areas:

  • Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, etc)
  • Ecology
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science

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