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One of the most important decisions in a person's life is, "How will I earn a living?"

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Despite its importance and lifelong consequences, many people "fall into" a career or job without too much thought or investigation. A great deal of what goes into the decision is intuition -- "Nursing feels right for me" -- or family background -- "My father and grandfather were printers; so I guess it's the right thing for me as well" -- or just luck -- "The first job I got was selling insurance and it seemed to be OK for me." Sometimes it can work out very well, but sometimes it is a disaster. Many people spend years artificially locked into a way of life that is not suited to them with negative emotional, social and economic results.

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Psychometric assessments, using proven and verifiable psychological scientific methods, provide an ideal means to determine a person's optimal occupational direction and can avert wasted years in an unhappy job situation.

Not so long ago, to benefit from the techniques of psychometric assessments, it was necessary to invest a not insignificant amount of both time and money. It was necessary to travel to an assessment center to sit through a number of pencil and paper questionnaires and tests over a period of hours, sometimes up to two full days -- then a further delay of days or weeks until the results were scored and analyzed by trained personnel. Often the services of a psychologist would be used to interpret the results.

Today there is a better way. whichCAREER.com utilizes the speed and efficiency of sophisticated, psychological algorithms coupled with the convenience of an online service. This gives the public easy access to a scientific and systematic method to chose a suitable career direction. What once took days or weeks to complete can now be done in the comfort and privacy of a person's home or office in an hour or so. Our psychometric instruments are the distillation of of a large large body of psychometric research and testing. They have been successfully applied to thousands of people and long term follow-up studies have demonstrated the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, the personalized reports generated by whichCAREER.com are easy to read and do not require specialized training to understand.

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Who can benefit from whichCAREER.com?

Students considering what to do

A student finishing high school is often confronted with the choice of continuing on to college or other post high school traning, or getting a job. This can be very intimidating and present a difficult problem, even with help from parents and friends.

whichCAREER.com can help by determining the most suitable occupational direction for the student. Not every good career requires a college education or even a degree. Why spend the time and money on a four year or more degree program when you could get what is best for you in a one or two year specialty school?

Even after completing a university degree, it is not always a simple matter to begin a career. Career fields such as engineering, nursing, teaching or information technology have enormous diversity of specialization. Which specialty is best for the graduate? Where should the focus be? How does a particular personality type handle the task? whichCAREER.com can provide the essential guidance need to make an informed decision.

Unhappy Employees

Does he hate his boss? Does she hate her job? Does he feel that he is going nowhere and can not figure out why? If the job she is doing is really not suitable for her, there will always be serious problems. It will not matter who is the boss or what incentive packages are offered, he will just not "fit." Many people are hired for their skills, but leave because they do not have the personality for the job or the "corporate culture".

whichCAREER.com can help with these problems. Our psychometric assessments show where true abilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses lie. We generate a clear and unambiguous work analysis reflecting all these important factors. It is then possible to compare this to what the person is presently doing. In most the report can be easily understand without the aid of a psychologist.

Personnel Managers

Every good personnel manager knows that a candidate's personality, life orientation and interests are as important as his education and experience. Success at a job is a combination of all these factors. A candidate must fit into the corporate culture in order to succeed.

In the past it was neither cost nor time effective to use psychometric assessments for any but the most critical jobs.

whichCAREER.com's online Internet services have changed that. Now even the smallest of businesses and institutions can have the benefits of psychometric assessment at an affordable price allowing the owner or personnel manager to scientifically match the candidate to the job. Doing so helps guarantee the best of situation for both employers and the employees.

How Does the whichCAREER.com System Work?

The psychometric instruments developed by whichCAREER.com's psychologists and human resources specialists measure a candidate or employee's personality, interests and aptitudes to pinpoint the type of work and environment for which she is most suited. Building on the theories of renowned psychologists in the field of personality and industrial psychology, including Marsden, Holland and Meir, the whichCAREER.com assessments offer sound advice on career direction.

Additionally, the extent to which the resulting preferences are crystallized in the candidate's own mind are indicated in the resulting report. This report indicates the likelihood of the candidate's success in specific areas of endeavor. These factors are crucial in matching the right person to the job at hand.

whichCAREER.com currently offers three different levels of assessment via this internet site. Each client or candidate may select whichever meets his needs.

The first assessment level is the Personality Profile. This questionnaire assesses a candidate's personality with respect to how he interacts in the workplace. The questionnaire takes about 7-8 minutes to complete, and is extremely thorough.

The second assessment level is the Careers Guidance Profile. In addition to the Personality Profile questionnaire, the candidate is presented with two Occupation Preference questionnaires. These assess the candidate's preferences for different working environments as well as the level of training to which she is prepared to invest. This assessment takes 12-15 minutes to complete.

The third level is the Full Profile. In addition to the personality and occupations questionnaires, a number of aptitude tests. They examine the candidate's general and analytic intelligence as well as 2-D and 3-D spatial ability.

Start your assessment by pressing one of the buttons below. Please note that the entire assessment is carried out on our secure server.

We receive positive feedback from among the many users visiting this site as well as from corporations using this site on a continuous basis around the world. We'd love to hear your comments as well.

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